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Agitators and Slurry Mixers


Owing to the mastery of our capable group, we are equipped for assembling and providing a wide combination of fomenters and stirrers. These are widely material in measure businesses and are accessible for our customers in standard and tweaked particulars. Our range incorporates edge fomenter, twofold helix agitators, grapple fomenter, research facility fomenter and helix agitators.

Slurry Mixers

The Maximius fertilizer mixers, Gigant, Super Gigant and Mammoet permit you to siphon fluid compost and spread it on the land in a very much blended condition. An exceptional mixing cylinder chamber is utilized for profoundly compelling admission of the fertilizer.

Just Maximius mixers accompany the special protected, yaw-safe ‘mud course’, which give Maximius mixers a long lasting life. Field and IMAG tests uncover that Maximius mixers devour little force yet still convey extraordinary execution, making them ideal for light farm vehicles too.

Maximius manure mixers can be provided in different structures. Other than the standard length, the mixers can be provided in essentially any necessary length for an extra charge. Likewise, each type can be provided with worked in outlines, extending or crumbling outlines with a chute.

Alternatively, the mixers can likewise be provided with a damming and drawing paddle agitators. The Mammoet and Super-Gigant renditions can be fitted with an inverter box, which makes them ideal for damming and drawing! The two sorts can be provided with an ordinary three-point connection or with a swinging three-point connection.


Maximium Equipments, the best industrial agitators mixers, slurry mixers Manufacturers & Suppliers in Hyderabad, Telangana Andhra Pradesh, India.


We offer quality industrial agitators mixers, slurry mixers in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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