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Maximius is one of the leading trader and supplier of a bulk material handling equipment like Screw Conveyors.

We have had practical experience in regular applications like:

  • High-Temperature bed debris screws upto 600°C.
  • Conveyors up to 10m range without halfway orientation.
  • Metering applications for accuracies up to ±5%.
  • Ash Conditioning Systems.
  • Inclined/Vertical Installations.


U-box are the most well-known kind of box for screw transports and screw feeders. The U–box configuration is basic, affordable and gives admittance to support.

  • Angle Flange
  • Drop Bottom
  • Jacketed
  • Formed Flange
  • Double Formed Flange
  • Flared Trough
  • Formed Channel


The Tubular TU Tubular Screw Conveyor and Feeder framework is exceptionally flexible contribution an assortment of standard answers for treatment of fine or granular materials. Various models of transports or feeders are accessible in applications, for example, solid creation (for fly-debris, filler dust, silica seethe), premixed fabricating materials (dry mortars, sand, concrete, added substances), glass handling (calcium carbonate, pop, sand, and so on.), foundries (sand, bentonite), and numerous others.


  • Small distance across, incredible proficiency, high throughput rates
  • Modular configuration offering incredible assortment of alternatives reasonable for various applications
  • Easy establishment
  • Durable
  • Optimum value execution proportion


Inclined Sidewall Belt Conveyor

We are one of the solid firm that is occupied with offering Inclined Side Wall Belt Conveyor. Known for its strength and quality, these are accessible at the least cost at our entryway. These are introduced in various assembling offices to convey the material and parts starting with one end then onto the next. Our group of committed experts strives to guarantee the quality and execution of the items. The value run is moderate.


  • Designed using modular components with movable frame
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Inclined Conveyors

With a decade of experience in understanding and information in this space, we have offering a wide scope of Inclined Conveyors. Our offered transport is created by utilizing most recent innovation and best quality segments as per the set standards of industry. We perform different tests on this transport so as to stay away from any chance of imperfection. This transport is recognized for its improved assistance life and bother free execution.


  • Durable body structure
  • High efficiency
  • Vibration-free operation

Inclined Belt Conveyors

We are a main firm contribution Inclined Belt Conveyors to our presumed customers. These transports are utilized in assembling divisions to convey the material and parts starting with one end then onto the next. Our directors screens the assembling of the item to fabricate the trust of our customers. Likewise our talented experts utilize the best quality material sourced by our merchants to make of the item.


  • Designed using modular components with movable frame
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate and maintain


Vertical screw conveyors are an extremely productive strategy for raising an assortment of mass materials at steep grades or totally vertical. The smaller plan considers the vertical screw transport to fit into practically any plant format. With a base number of moving parts, the vertical screw transport is a financially savvy and trustworthy segment of any mass material taking care of cycle.


Vertical screw transports are planned dependent on demonstrated innovation and take into consideration proficient height of mass materials with no limitation to item stream.


Screw feeder is customized to meter mass materials and are generally utilized toward the beginning of a methodology. Limit or feed rate can be decisively controlled with screw feeder. Screw feeder is accessible in different sizes, lengths, design and materials of advancement. Screw Feeders accompany variable speed drives which improve the metering precision. It can additionally offer an assortment of feed rates. The delta of a screw feeder is completely flood stacked. By and large, a screw feeder is mounted straightforwardly to a container which implies a rectangular or square shape combined with inclined base and characterized stockpiling limit.

Screw feeder makers additionally share that they can be mounted on a Bin, which is again square or rectangular with slanted base however gigantic capacity limit. Another sort is known as Silo which is accessible in a round and hollow shape alongside cone or even mass-stream base. This one is again with large stockpiling limit.


The cycle of dewatering is done to eliminate the leftover water in the site before continuing with any site work. It is a critical cycle so as to seal infiltrating of superfluous water into the surface. More often than not the cycle of dewatering is performed by utilizing siphons to eliminate water from uncovering site. It is never really care of the lower water table that may be causing issues during unearthing. Dewatering can likewise be known as the way toward eliminating water from soil by wet characterization. It is the way toward bringing down the water table level at around a specific area in the agreement site.

  • Deep Well Dewatering
  • Surface Dewatering
  • WellPoint Systems


We are instrumental in giving our customers Sand Washing Machines that are broadly utilized for eliminating pollutions, for example, residue and salt from the sand. Everything pollutions are required to dispense with from the sand, in light of the fact that these decline the solid quality. Beforehand or in present situation, our machine is generally used to clean out debasements from the sand by sprinkling water on the stack of sand. Furthermore, the sand is altogether cleaned out in a tub of our machine with stirring activity that kills the sediment and different polluting influences effectively.


  • Tough development
  • Longer operational life
  • Consistent execution


The Maximius’ Micro-Batch Feeder extend impeccably meets the prerequisite of different businesses of taking care of little amounts of fine or granular materials guaranteeing the most elevated conceivable precision.


Regardless of whether for establishment in storehouses or in downpipes – the Maximius screw sampler is the ideal answer for a delegate inspecting of any sort of mass material. At separately selectable time stretches, the characterized measure of item is inspected either consequently or physically by methods for a hand wheel.

A pre-introduced self-cleaning capacity ensures the legitimacy of the examples. Contingent upon our clients’ necessities, we offer different associations for coordinating example vessels just as various fixing valves.


Maximium Equipments, the best industrial screw angle conveyors Manufacturers & Suppliers in Hyderabad, Telangana Andhra Pradesh, India.


We offer quality industrial screw angle conveyors in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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