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Steep Angle Conveyor

Steep Angle Conveyor Belt are current age Bucket Elevator Box Belt. Our precarious edge belts help in conveying material over steep point tendencies up to 90 degree with zero spillage. Produced utilizing prevalent evaluation crude material, these are accessible with spikes and sidewalls. The belts can likewise be redone in understanding to the particulars gave by our customers.

The angular state of the chevron spikes keeps the material from sliding back.


  • Can carry materials on steepest angle
  • Can be driven up to 5 M/sec.
  • Compact design – No more space required

For vertical passing on of mass material over a critical stature or conveying a material at a precarious point, belt with side dividers and spikes are introduced on a measured framework called steep edge transport. Such establishments discovered wide application in Steel, Power Plants, Mining and Mineral handling industry and boat stacking and emptying in ports by the excellence of room sparing coordination and simple upkeep.

The framework is supported up by building configuration, authorizing administration and investigating. Such frameworks have been conveyed widely to the Indian Steel Plants just as overseas undertakings.


Maximium Equipments, the best industrial steep angle conveyors Manufacturers & Suppliers in Hyderabad, Telangana Andhra Pradesh, India.


We offer quality industrial steep angle conveyors in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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