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Maximius Unbalance motors can be utilized as drives for practically each instance of use in the vibration feeder innovation and over all businesses. Unequal motors are the preferred drive framework, specifically on the off chance that it relies upon high throughput of mass material.

Benefits and Advantages

  • accessible as standard for blast sealed ATEX zones 21+22
  • accessible as standard for CSA-apllication “Class 1 + 2”
  • accessible as standard with thermistor
  • operationally protected in nonstop business
  • significant level of execution with reduced measurements
  • effectiveness
  • most recent cutting edge of innovation and creation
  • similarity with all EC Guidelines which influence the drives
  • accessible for 60 Hz power frameworks and different mains voltages

The Maximius unbalance motor is a three-stage air conditioning acceptance motor, on which loads are unconventionally joined at the closures of the running shaft; alleged flighty loads (flyweights). Outward powers are produced with pivoting waves. The estimation of these radial powers can be changed by alteration of the flyweights while the motors are at a stop. The radiating powers which the motor produces uproot the working gadget (conductor, table, molded structure) and the passed on material mass by methods for vibrations.

With working forces of 0.1 kg.cm to 2,763 kg.cm and radial powers up to 119kN, Maximius unbalance motors can move gadgets of in excess of 11,000 kg dead weight.

On account of unbalance motors curved, round or rectilinear vibration developments of the working gadget can be created, as indicated by course of action:

  • Twofold drives, which are counterrotating and simultaneous turning, create a straight vibration development; for instance, on account of vibration channels or lines.
  • Singular drives, which are organized at the focal point of gravity, produce a roundabout vibration development; for instance on account of channels.
  • Singular drives, which are masterminded outside of the focal point of gravity, bring about a curved vibration development; for instance for the shaking of dugouts.


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