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Paddle Mixers from Maximius

With regards to modern industrial mixing applications, Maximius’ paddle mixers, likewise alluded to as pugmill mixers, and are ideal for handling difficult tasks. Their uncompromising development alongside their U-type box configuration settles on them a great decision for agglomerating, blending, or molding in requesting settings.


The Maximius’ Single Shaft Powder Mixer is an ideal answer for high through-put, practical blending and implied for including shear. The one of a kind single oar configuration partitions the lodging into zones each served by at any rate two paddles. All moving particles make a powerful collaboration between the zones. Voids are made precisely and particles are coordinated to arbitrarily make up for the shortcomings. The high volume of voids made accomplishes the speed of blending. Precision is accomplished by restricting the size of the void so particles don’t roll separated.


  • Quick precise blending
  • Low power; delicate blending, consequently, no corruption.
  • Low working cost, high creation volume
  • Snappy drop base release
  • Shower bar with spouts for fluid expansion
  • Coat game plans for warming or cooling
  • CIP System to clean insides rapidly and proficiently.


While a solitary shaft paddle mixer is periodically reasonable for light-obligation blending applications, this sort of mechanical mixer misses the mark in circumstances where even circulation of fixings is required, especially with regards to the expansion of fluids. The plan of a twofold shaft paddle mixer, be that as it may, can make a close blend of materials, in any event, when feedstock comprises of both wet and dry fixings. It presents countless advantages:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Accommodation of unique feed materials and feedstock combinations
  • Enhanced processing when incorporated into a larger process
  • Improved end product characteristics


Utilized all through practically every cycle industry, Maximius Multi-Shaft Mixers are hearty and flexible. Accessible in an assortment of designs, as either double shaft mixers or triple shaft mixers relying upon clump qualities, Multi-Shaft Mixers oblige an adaptable scope of shear info and viscosities up to a few hundred thousand centipoise. The mixer’s essential plan comprises of at least two freely determined instigators working pair to guarantee fine solids scattering, productive turnover and uniform warming/cooling.


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