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Ploughshare Mixers – Batch Type

The Batch Mixer works on the throwing and spinning rule acquainted by Lödige with the blending innovation. The precisely created liquid bed forestalls the arrangement of dead or low-development zones and guarantees speedy, delicate and exact blending. The resultant individualization of the particles in the blend (liquid bed) permits the expansion of fluids and covering of the particles effortlessly. In the event that fundamental, fast choppers offer extra help of the blending cycle.

Plowshare Shovels can be adjusted for serious and delicate blending of delicate parts even at low speeds. Lessening the fringe speed is conceivable, contingent upon the item properties. Glues and pumpable blends can be prepared with reasonably balanced blending components.


  • Highest quality blends in short blending occasions
  • Gentle treatment of the item
  • Reliable reproducibility of the blend quality
  • Combined measures in a single machine
  • Maximum accessibility
  • Low upkeep plan
  • Easy openness to all inside pieces of the blender


  • Food Premix and Spice Blending
  • Mixing of crude materials
  • Mixing of Metal Powders and Bonding material
  • Granulation
  • Dry blend Mortar
  • Homogenization of powder material in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, fine Chemical and so on.


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We offer quality industrial ploughshare batch mixers in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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