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Rotary Air Lock Valves

At Maximius, we put stock in the life span and quality of items. Therefore, we give the best properties to our rotary airlock valves with the goal that your business and assembling unit can confide in us for your requirements.

Here are some basic properties of our rotary airlock valves-

  • We make turning sealed area valves and rotational valves through cycles that have been followed and sustained by us over the numerous long stretches of experience we have.
  • With the correct cycles, we can anticipate the correct yields. What’s more, along these lines, our rotating isolated space valves are excellent parts that will endure forever. We utilize just the most excellent crude materials in the creation of our turning airtight chamber valves, thus we can ensure the nature of our valves and modern hardware.
  • Our rotating valves are ideal for outrageous weights and perform well in these conditions.
  • Our rotating isolated space valves are wear-safe parts that don’t corrupt in the wake of interacting with dampness and synthetic compounds.
  • Our valves lead to smooth and low-commotion tasks prompting consistent cycles.
  • Minimum air spillage is a given with our rotating valves.
  • Our rotating valves have enormous throat openings that empower you to fill in material rapidly.

Outstanding Features of Maximius Heavy Duty Rotary Airlock Valves:

  • Minimized freedom at rotor tips and agrees with body
  • Robust body sufficiently hardened to forestall twisting
  • Precision machining of the parts
  • Heavy obligation body with pocket air vent office alternative
  • End covers with spine type direction mounted outboard
  • Glands stuffing box
  • Type with cleanse office alternative
  • Open and shut sort created rotor with changed alternatives of tips to suit item require
  • Rotors are accessible with open or shut finishes.

Open End Rotor- Rotary Airlock Valve

  • The open end rotor gives a superior air seal because of the vanes stretching out right to the end covers.
  • Sealing capacity involves surface region between the rotor and lodging. This is amplified with an open end rotor.
  • The open rotor has its disadvantages as the material is in contact with the end covers.
  • For grating items this prompts wear issues.
  • In higher temperature applications, this adds to the tolerances that should be painstakingly machined.
  • Fine materials will in general break out through the pole seals if not appropriately kept up.

Closed End Rotor- Rotary Airlock Valve

  • Closed End Rotor-Rotary Airlock Valve
  • It is basically proposed for gravity stream applications or the base of residue authorities.
  • When permitted, the shut end rotor is ideal for rough and high temperature applications.
  • In rough applications, the item is avoided the end covers where most wear happens.
  • In high temperature circumstances, the hole between the end spread and rotor takes out any extension concerns, leaving just the distance across to be machined.

Fixed Blades

  • With fixed edges there is no worry with rotor tips coming free or equipment tumbling off into the material stream.
  • Fixed cutting edges are likewise thicker and more unbending than movable tips.
  • As item can get caught under the flexible sharp edges, fixed cutting edges are additionally favored in sterile sort applications, for example, food and drug.
  • Some items are additionally clingy or drowsy, and the fixed sharp edge rotor permits these items to all the more effectively leave the pocket.


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