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Ribbon Mixers from Maximius

Ribbon mixer is reasonable for blending of medium thickness glue or powder. The homogenous blending is accomplished by arrangement of SS304 twofold flight Ribbon components mounted on a rotational even shaft.

Horizontal Ribbon Mixers

Ribbon mixer is appropriate for blending of medium consistency glue. The homogeneous blending is accomplished by arrangement of twofold flight Ribbon components mounted on a revolving horizontal shaft. The external trip of Ribbon moves close to the fringe of the blending vessel and the internal trip of ribbon blends the material close to the pole.

Vertical Ribbon Mixers

Inside the vertical ribbon mixer, the blending shaft is fixed and mounted distinctly from above, totally out of contact with the blending merchandise. This is a conspicuous difference to horizontal ribbon mixers, which require mounting and fixing at the two finishes of the pole, making two purposes of contact with the materials.

Since the pole seal never comes into contact with the material to be blended, vertical ribbon mixers are particularly appropriate for applications including requesting wellbeing and disinfection principles. Thus, Maximius vertical ribbon mixers are broadly utilized in food assembling and drug applications.

Ribbon Screw Mixer

The Maximius ribbon screw mixer is a mid-shear mixer equipped for super short process durations with up to multiple times more vehicle volume than customary Ribbon screw mixers.

This multi-practical Ribbon screw mixer joins delicate blending and mid to low shear in the one minimized machine. It’s ideal for the expansion of fluids and makes a homogenous blend without utilizing irregularity breakers. The ribbon screw mixer is a vitality productive mixer that diminishes vitality expenses and saves money on blending time.

The Maximius ribbon screw mixer is furnished with two balanced Ribbon screws mounted on an orbital arm that moves the item from the base of the vessel to the surface. The material streams downwards through the focal point of the vessel by gravity while the high rotational speed of the fomenter guarantees mid-shear blending in short group times.

A particular factor about the Maximius is the twofold ribbon screw which empowers a vehicle limit of up to multiple times that of standard tapered screw mixers. The outcome is a generous improvement in blending proficiency and a significantly more effective and quicker blending measure even at lower speeds.


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