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Buy Plough Mixer from Maximius – High Speed & High Shear

A Plow Mixer from Maximius is a high shear and high speed mixer, with round and hollow short perspective proportion blending loads. 


Ordinarily utilized for powders, granules and glues, these flat Gardner clump blenders use a high-shear furrow instigator, which bestows a high-energy blending activity into the materials. This outcomes in amazingly short blending time and effectiveness.


Additional shear can be accomplished by including side cutters or intensifiers. Elective box shapes are accessible to suit explicit application prerequisites. Limits extend from 50 to 50,000 liters. 


Maximius’ Plough Shear Mixer is intended for rock solid mixing of both dry and wet materials. Plough shape scoops mounted on a focal shaft with its sharp finishes are effectively vulnerable through the thick powder, pale mass. The covering of scoops combined with its shape and the fast of the Plows delivers great blending activity and high disturbance. 


Choppers are working related to the scoops, escalate the blending cycle. They are utilized for scattering bumps which are either in the first item or which structures during measure, they cleave pale added substances or forestall the development of agglomeration when fluid is acquainted with the blend. 


Following are few benefits of Plough Shear Mixer:

  • It has a barrel shaped shell with furrows runs at rapid to impact a fluidizing activity. The furrow scoop lifts the material upward, and the material gets comfortable an example. Spinning, three-dimensional item development makes yield material with exceptionally high homogeneity inside short blending time. 
  • Quick blending in with chopper which can break the hardening of material for example Powder irregularities. 
  • Different Functions like blending, covering, drying and response inside the shell. 
  • Drastically reduces the manufacturing cost 
  • Lessen Power and Energy
  • Saves Money.  


Some other Features and Benefits of Plough Mixers 

  • High shear plow agitator
  • Short aspect ratio mixing trough
  • Large bomb-door discharge
  • Range from 40L to 25,000L
  • Optional side intensifiers or choppers
  • Ideal for breaking up lumps and agglomerates
  • Rapid dispersal of minor ingredients


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